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Solve Puppy Problems and Set the Foundation for a Great Future Adult Dog
It is far easier to AVOID a dog training problem than it is to accidentally allow it to happen and then fix it.
 - Ty Brown
Here's who this plan is for:

Our puppy plan is for Utah dog owners who realize that it's better to start their dog out right than it is to play 'catch up' once problems present themselves.

It's for dog owners know that improper training, or a lack of training, when a puppy is young can lead to problems large (like aggression, anxiety, and more) to problems small (like jumping, chewing, digging, and more).

Our programs are developed to address your dog's mindset from the get-go.  If we can create a healthy, thinking, calm mind from a young age we can be in great shape as your puppy matures.

  • House Training - With our system most people see the accidents stop almost immediately...
  • Manners - We want to set a foundation from a young age that jumping, chewing, nipping, and barking aren't appropriate behaviors....
  • Obedience - Puppies, of course, aren't capable of the same obedience as their adult counterparts.  But they are capable of learning key obedience behaviors that can make your life a lot easier...  
  • Socialization - There is a right way to socialize and a wrong way to socialize.  Unfortunately, the way that most people socialize is the wrong way with dog parks and other highly dangerous activities.  We'll teach you the right way...
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What Our Customers are Saying...

"Ty, I just wanted to say thanks for the training for Boo"

He has just been awesome. He is so much calmer and we have been practicing the things on the list and he is doing great. I thought he was good on a leash when we went walking, but he is tons better now. I love it. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is having pet issues. Thanks again!


" Ty is amazing and knows his stuff! Thanks Ty"

We met Ty a couple of months ago when we adopted Barney, a three year old Rottweiler. Barney is a great dog but he came to us after his beloved owner had suddenly passed away. Barney was filled with severe anxiety anytime anyone left the house. He would cry and pace the house and was a nervous wreck.

Ty came to our home for the first visit and I mentioned this problem. Ty gave us a couple of EASY suggestions to implement during certain situations and within a week Barney had calmed down and became a normal dog with NO anxiety!

We had four visits with Ty. Barney went from being a scared and timid dog needing several repeats of the basic commands to being an off leash well mannered dog during the 4th visit with Ty. Now, my goal is do try out some obedience trials for fun.

You will NOT go wrong with Ty as your dog trainer. You’ll only go wrong if you don’t have him help you with your dog. Ty is amazing and knows his stuff! Thanks Ty

Kelly Rigby  

"We are now very proud parents–best money I ever spent. Thank you Ty!!!"

Ty taught us how to make huge changes in our German Shepherd’s behavior. I honestly had my doubts that she would ever be able to be off leash, stop barking at strangers, or basically listen to us in general–but Ty proved me wrong.
We are enjoying her so much more now, and everyone can tell that she is happier too. I am still amazed every day at the changes I see in her.

Ty gave us the control that I never thought we would have. We got our life back and we are now very proud parents–best money I ever spent. Thank you Ty!!!

Jenn Bain  

"Ty helped me so much with the entire doggy process."

Thanks for all the encouragement and positive dog training. It not only helped train Gabby but it’s nice to to have a system that teaches my kids how to love and respect animals.
It is great to watch Gabby follow my 2 year old around the yard simply because he has her leash in his hand.

Ty with Communicanine, helped me so much with the entire doggy process. The first time we spoke, I bombarded him with questions. He was so gracious and took time to answer all of them. He helped me along every step of the way, beginning with the breed of dog, to finding a reputable breeder, then finally training our newest family member. Thanks to Ty we don’t just have a dog, we have a great addition to our family.


Missy Collard  

"You are great with dogs and you understand them. I wish I had met you sooner. Thank you!"

Ty, I want to thank you for working with me on Bear’s naughty behavior.
He comes when I call, walks right next to me off leash and stops barking at strangers walking by on command. I almost gave up hope on him and I am so glad I found you.

You are great with dogs and you understand them. I wish I had met you sooner. Thank you!

Thanh Nakata

"Before I heard about you I had spent countless time and money trying to train my dogs myself. I never in a million year thought I would acheive what we did in four sessions. "

Ty, I just wanted to write you to thank you for all the help you have given in the training of my two Sharpei’s (Lexie and Sadie).
Before I heard about you I had spent countless time and money trying to train my dogs myself. I never in a million year thought I would achieve what we did in four sessions.

My concerns before were getting the dogs not to take me for a walk and feeling confident that if they were to get out they would come back when called.

After the four session not only did we address my issues but we were able to teach them to lay down when told and also to be out front without a leash. I had always been told that Sharpei’s were a breed that was hard to train but you truly made it seem easy. I can’t tell you how much you have made my life a lot more enjoyable as well as my dogs. You truly are a Dog’s best friend.

Thank you again,

Lori Yates  
Puppies are awesome!  But they can sure be a challenge when not trained properly
Start Today and Enjoy Life With Your Puppy With Freedom

From the Desk of: Ty Brown

Thank you for coming to my site. With my team we've developed the most comprehensive and easy to follow puppy training system in the country that can help overcome issues that are basic all the way to the most advanced of challenges.
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While I can tell you about how many times we've been voted the best dog trainers in Utah and the numerous occasions we've been sought out by local and national media for the results we create... 

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